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QR code generator


Generate your own custom QR codes. You can create the QR codes for events, web bookmarks, wifi connections and vCards. With the use of the mobile application QRGenius you can scan, read and manipulate the data stored in the QR code on your Android mobile device.

Where can I use the QR code?

Use the QR code on your web pages to present your visitors different accessories which will improve the user experience. You can also use the codes on business cards, in the printed media or simply print it on a T-shirt. The use is limitless.

QR event

A convenient and modern additon for web sites are the QR codes containing the event data. A simple code scan enables web site visitors to save the event into the calendar without typing a single letter.



QR code contains the parameters for the WiFi connection. Clients from restaurants, pubs, etc... scan the code image and automatically connect to the available WiFi.



Stack of cards is history. vCard code contains all the information needed to share with friends, business partners, etc. A simple scan-save procedure puts the data into your address book without typing.