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Usability of the QR code for bookmarks

The code on the web page lets a user save the web page to the bookmarks. When the user scans the code with the mobile phone and the QRGenius mobile application, a bookmark to your web page is created in the mobile phone.

When you wish to provide an easy way for the visitors to save your web page to the bookmarks without typing a single letter, simply include the QR code with bookmark data on the web page. You can also format the look of the code to the design of the web page and create automated online code generation with the includei iFrame script. You can read more about that on the page for developers

How to embed the QR code on your web site?

There are three options to publish the code on your web page:

  1. You can download the created code and place it on the server and simply show it as any image.
  2. You can place a new image placeholder on the web page and use the generated link to the QR code on our server.
  3. You can use automated online code generatior with the iFrame script. Read more about the online code generator on the page for developers