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What is the QR code for event?

The event QR code can contain data for a concert, TV show, theater, etc. and is an easy solution for the visitors of your web page or readers of any printed media to save the event in their calendar. 

You can create the QR code for any event by providing all the information about the event (event title, start and end date and time, location, etc.) and publish the code on the web page or in the printed media. With the simple and fast scan-save procedure using the mobile application QRgenius all your future visitors save the event in their calendar in seconds without the time consuming typing. This way you assure that they will not forget about the event or to buy the tickets.

How to publish the event QR code?

There are many options to publish the code:

  1. You can download the created code and place it on the server and simply show it as any image on your web page.
  2. You can place a new image placeholder on the web page and use the generated link to the QR code on our server.
  3. You can use automated online code generatior with the iFrame script. Read more about the online code generator on the page for developers